“Melissa brings the perfect combination of experience, skills, flexibility, and confidence matched with respect and understanding of the wilderness, weather, water, critters, safety, and participants’ individual needs and skills. My Boundary Waters trip was among the most wonderful and memorable experiences of a lifetime. I will highly recommend this to all of my friends and definitely want to go again!”

“We created a greater bond and friendships for life! It was a risk for me to take this trip and the joy and satisfaction from following through is priceless. Our guide was GREAT! Her knowledge, expertise, and preparedness were ‘TOP NOTCH’! Couldn’t have asked for a better guide!”

“What an awesome time I had traveling with Melissa! The destination in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area was perfect for a long weekend getaway and the food was anything but the standard camping cuisine. Instructions were clear and the weather cooperated too. Great time. Can’t wait to schedule another trip.”

When asked what they liked most about the journey…

“Loved everything. Enjoyed the canoeing, and even the portages. Loved the meals, and the free time to sit and enjoy or hike. It was just a wonderful experience.”

“The absolute pure beauty and serenity of the boundary waters, and escape from civilization, professional responsibility, and technology.”

“I enjoyed getting to know the personalities of the women on a more meaningful level. I also enjoyed the physically challenging activities and the beautiful setting.”