Create Your New Year

The theme of the New Year is typically tied with creating resolutions.  We resolve to do life better, to do something good for our health, to start a new habit or get rid of a bad one.  Many of these don’t last more than a few days, weeks at best and few carry into our coming year. While a resolve muttered to ourselves, half-concocted, may be the planting of seeds; there are many other ways to fruitfully make manifest those desires and goals.  I CREATE MY YEAR every year and here are a few of the ways I do it.  

Write them down.

Writing your goals on a piece of paper is one of the surest ways to increase the probability of it coming to fruition.  On the low end, some statistics state you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down compared to keeping them in your head.  I make a list of those goals I want to make manifest in the year. One word goals are easy to remember and focus on.  

Create a Vision Board.

I started the practice of vision boards many years ago and have even facilitated a yoga weekend retreat with vision board workshop and intention setting to start the New Year on a good note.  I am a visual person and vision boards are wonderful collage of pictures that can represent your goals. If a large board in your office or room doesn’t appeal, I have also taken a blank 5×7 index card and colored pencils with which to draw a picture or symbol on it representing my goal to focus my attention on.  

Meditate and Visualize.

Now sit down comfortably in a quiet place and take that piece of paper with your list of goals or drawn symbol or your entire vision board and set it in front of you.  Choose one thing at a time to focus on. Close your eyes and start to visualize yourself reaching that goal and becoming that person. A key is that in this moment, you act as if it has already happened, as if you are celebrating your success, your desires are already made manifest.  

While all these ideas create the perfect set up, it will be the energy, intention and passion behind your goals that will ultimately make them come alive.  Your mind is powerful. Stay passionate, stay fired, stay inspired and keep creating.  

Happy New Year!